Hunting and PS Archers

Why do we hunt?  This can be a very complex and personal question.  For many it's a part of who we are.  We continue to follow in our ancestors footsteps and partake in one of the oldest traditions of mankind.  Hunting with a bow and arrow.  For some it's about pest management and the removal of feral animals from our environment.  For others it's about putting meat on the table to share with family and friends.  But for all it's important that we do so ethically and legally.

At Port Stephens Archers are able to help teach hunters both new and more experienced more skills to help them be better hunters as well as make the experience more enjoyable no matter what the outcome of the hunt.

Because we are an approved hunting club with the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) NSW we are able to deliver training to club members and people wishing to develop more skills.  This includes the R-Licence Accreditation Course which allows you to book the use of certain state forests to hunt in, through to Butchering game animals so you can ensure that the game meat you harvest is safe to use and you can make the best use of it.  We hope to in the future develop some of our own training and "how-to" guides as well as do some informal teaching through camp out nights and cooking at our club grounds.

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To book a licence test or enquire about any other training please send us a message either to or through our Facebook page. 

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