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We shoot both indoor and 3D archery here in the Port Stephens area.

About Us

Who are we?


We are a Port Stephens based archery club.  Affiliated with the 3D Archery Association of Australia (3DAAA).   

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A family friendly club


We know trying a new sport or joining a new club can be a bit daunting.  But our club is a friendly, family focused club.  We want everyone to have the opportunity to see why we love archery so much!

Fun and different


We know a lot of people may have tried archery before.  Usually at school.  The big round target, shooting from the same place.  

Kinda got boring fast didn't it?

We thought so too!

Our outdoor competition is as far removed from that as possible!  

What is 3D Archery?

Current Committee Members


Steven "Skippy" Shorten - President

Skippy was born into archery and has been shooting since he could walk.  Skip has won state and national championships as well as shot national records.  He's also our compound expert.  If you are interested in high tech archery talk to Skip. 


Steven Richards - Vice-President

Richo first started archery at 13 years old.  His passion is Traditional archery.  If you're interested in getting back to basics and trying your hand at shooting with traditional bows. Richo is the man to talk to. 

Rod Shorten - Secretary

Rod Shorten - Secretary

Rod was a founding member of 3DAAA and Grafton bowhunters.  Rod has a wealth of archery knowledge to share with beginners and experienced archers alike. 


Karen Richards - Treasurer

Karen's only recently decided to join Richo on the range.  Karen enjoys shooting her recurve bow and is pretty handy at throwing a tomahawk as well!

Useful Information



Follow this link to the 3DAAA Rules.


Score Cards

Follow this link to our offical score card.

Score Card

Visitor Policy

This outlines our visitor policy.  In summary if you haven't joined 3DAAA before you can shoot 3 times with us to see if you enjoy it.  After that we require you to join the 3DAAA and would love if you joined our club too.

Visitor Policy


Membership Application Form


PSA Constitution (pdf)


PSAMembershipForm (pdf)


Contact Us

Have a question?  Please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Port Stephens Archers

41 Lemon Tree Passage Road, Salt Ash New South Wales 2318, Australia

0431 230 067 - Skippy 0400 366 542 - Richo

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